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My Story (Victor's Mission)

Not really sure where to write this (I still haven’t quite got the hang of the site yet) but I thought I’d share my furry/anthro story here, that is, Victor’s Mission.

Under mysterious circumstances, Belarussian teenager, oppositionist and punk rock fan Victor Pedrchenko ends up in the gigantic basis of the Anthropomorphic Animal Command and World Safety Division, or AACWSD (pronounced ‘ack-whizzed’) for short. Here, many anthros work to secure the world’s safety - and Victor feels kind of left out as the only human. The story is currently German-only.

Joey - a kangaroo and Victor’s partner and best friend. Unlike most workers, he lacks any clothing with the exception of an arms belt around his waist.
Rita - a tomboyish vixen that Victor and Joey meet in Russia. She becomes the basis’ martial arts teacher at the end of “An AACWSD Christmas”
Jenna - the basis’ computer scientist. Runs the Mainframe, the supercomputer from which the AACWSD can supervise the entire world.
Trevor - a tiger in charge of bomb defusion. Only makes minor appearances.
Ferdinand - a steed who spends most of his time playing Marine Doom to practice for his dream: being in the Special Tactics team. He has a crush on Libby Zahn, the Lipizzaner secretary.
Dr. Zigzag - a mad zebra scientist and the AACWSD’s arch-nemesis. He uses Przewalski horses as his henchmen.
Zelda - Dr. Zigzag’s brilliant but clumsy assistant.
Colonel Bushytail-Hazelburn - a Eurasian red squirrel and head commander of the Wood Animal Army.
Katie - a cheetah who works as a valet in the parking garage of the basis.
Stephanie - a gigglish skunk who runs the secret codes department. She frequently passes gas, and Victor desanitizes her office - especially her original Macintosh - frequently.
Octavia - an otter that dreams of being in the underwater division, hence why she spends most of the time in her whirlpool. Drives a red 2001 Pontiac Aztek.
Nanok - an 8-year-old husky pup who works with his father at the Arctic Russian AACWSD base in Yakutsk.
Yta - Nanok’s mother, who lives divorced and visits her son in “An AACWSD Christmas” Her name means “dog” in Yakut.
Kit - a young fox who lived, after his parents were killed, homeless on the streets of Siberia until he was rescued by Victor, Joey and Rita. He relocated to warmer European Russia later, but visits the South Sea Basis in “An AACWSD Christmas”.
Wolfi(e) - A wolverine at the Arctic Russian base who likes to eat (in German wolverine means - “Vielfraß” - glutton)
Mark - A muskrat working at the Arctic Russian base.
Ermine Granger - An ermine working at the Arctic Russian base. Her name is an obvious parody of Hermione/Hermine Granger from Harry Potter.
Sara Cottontail - a 7-year-old rabbit girl. Whenever Victor and Joey have to watch over her and Greyfur, it usually ends in disaster. When Cottontail does not get something she wants, she immediately starts crying heftily.
Greyfur - a mischievous wolf about the same age as Cottontail. He is the adopted son of the Cottontails. Greyfur is usually seen in blue dungarees over a blue and red striped sweater, and is rarely seen without his slingshot.
Catherine O’Hara-Cottontail - Sara’s and Greyfur’s mother, who occasionally calls Victor and/or Joey to make them watch over her kids while she’s gone.
Sara - a serval who answers emergencies, as does her partner Brittany.
Brittany - an ocelot who answers emergencies, as does her partner Sara.
Anja and Svetlana - Two Russian Amur leopards who serve as the mechanics of the basis.
Olga - an orca who only appears in the original draft of the story. Unlike most anthro orcas, she is not a muscle-bound whale and cannot survive without water.
Billy - a bison who is the captain of the aircraft carrier USS Animalia.
Dirk and David - two donkeys who work as fighter jet pilots. They live in Colorado.
Rebecca - a raccoon working on the USS Animalia. Her role on the ship is unknown.

It is also mentioned that the AACWSD has honorary consuls in Zootopia, Elwood City (the setting for the PBS TV show Arthur) and Woodland (the setting for Franklin the Turtle)

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The story sounds interesting. Are you looking more for thoughts on your story idea, looking to gauge interest in an English translation, or possibly something else? That would give a better idea of what board to post this in.

Well, as you can obviously see, I’m still very new to the forum, and I wasn’t exactly sure where to post it…
Yes, I’d translate it to English with pleasure! In fact, I just remembered the original draft was in English!

First off, I like writing stories about Baltic teenagers: hence why Victor was originally Lithuanian in the first draft; however, I made him Belarussian so I could develop his character better. Hence his last name changed from Aukstatijos to Pedrchenko.

Rita’s concept can be traced back to a drawing in Issue #157 of MAD Magazine (the German one, not the English one) where a young vixen beats up Lupo from Fix and Foxi.