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Midwest FurFest 2017

It starts…

I’ve started on getting together a writing track for MFF 2017. Most people who were involved in the last two years should have received an email from me in about the last day, but it’s always great to get others involved. If you haven’t been to MFF recently, or at all, but are thinking of attending this year and would be interested in being a panelist on writing/literature, please get in touch with me.

I should be making plans soon to be at MFF this year. I may be hosting some writing panels at FAU this year, so if I were to help out at MFF, that would be my second time doing panels.

Got your email, mwalimu, thank you! Will be back with you in the near future. Discussing con stuff for the coming year with my friends this evening to avoid stretching myself too thin…


I just sent out a sizable email regarding the writing track. Most of you who have been in touch with me or who have been a panelist the last two year should have received. If you didn’t and you’ll be attending MFF and are interested in being a writing panelist, please PM or email me and I’ll add you to the fray.

Got it, thank you!


I’m living in Florida now, and fear that I have other things currently on my plate. Poke me again after Hurricane Irma passes? Thanks!

Will do. Stay safe and here’s hoping you come out intact.

To which I replied! :smiley:


A reminder to everyone that MFF is accepting conbook story submissions until October 15th. This year’s theme is Grimm’s Fairy Tales which isn’t a requirement but is encouraged. Stories must be suitable for all ages. See the Conbook Submissions Guide for more details. No length guidelines are given but I’d suggest not going over about 1,500 words. I don’t think it pays anything.