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Mecha and playing with tone

So, I have an idea for a furry mecha series.

In terms of tone, I really want to make it fun and not emotionally draining. I’ve taken inspiration from everything ranging from Virtual On to Gundam Wing, Gundam 00, and G Gundam.

The plot is that the Alliance is fractured because of disputes over individual nations’ rights to self-governance. It sounds like Gundam 00, but nowhere near dark, but mecha are brought in by a union of independent nations to stop the fighting.

How would this work out best?

Sounds like more of an idea than a plot so far, but every plot starts out as an idea. And it sounds like a good idea.

If you want help developing it, the FWG discord and telegram are more active.

But my usual advice is stick to what makes you passionate about the story. What excites you.

If you want more advice on plot, I find the 7-point plot structure is really good for helping develop a fulfilling plot in short order.

Generally, if you want a lighter tone, you need to adjust the stakes. If a character the readers like is in mortal danger, it’s hard to find things funny. Not impossible, but hard.

If the characters are fighting over things that really don’t matter, but they are treating it with seriousness, that’s much more light-hearted and funny.

If you want to have a grandiose backdrop of political intrigue, balancing it will be difficult. You can do it in many different ways though. Arthur, from HHGTTG, really wants a cup of tea, for example, but ends up on a wild adventure that he hates.

You can also use narrative techniques to change the tension. If you show the characters in the future, after the event takes place, in an amusing situation, (like Mal naked on a box in Firefly), it reduces the tension because the reader knows the mortal danger is not real, but keeps the suspense of what the weird situation means.

@ BPRugger

Very interesting responses! Thank you ! =D