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Job-seeking Self-help Anthology - Call for Submissions

My buddy, Edwin@Work is creating a self-help book on resumes, interviewing, and job seeking. This is, naturally, really heavy stuff for furries who are having a bad time (unemployed or in a bad job). So, his clever plan is to intermix the self-help lessons with lighter, very short fictional scenes.

For example, a bear who wants a few months off every year to hibernate or a fox who accidentally shares snippets from his adult acting career to an employer interested in hiring him as a programmer (oops!).

He’s seeking 800-1200 word furry scenes about creating resumes, interviewing, and job seeking in general. You don’t have to tell a whole story, just help him lighten the mood before he introduces a new topic. Anthology will pay out 0.5¢/word.

Interested? Please read his call for submissions: https://edwinatworkanthology.carrd.co/

He has lots of different topics he will want to discuss in the book and will need a short scene to introduce each one.