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It melts away/The Distant snow/And thus a sprout/Begins to grow

Aspiring novel writer and poet here! I sat in on one of the panels for the guild a couple of months back during a convention and I’ve been meaning to get around to signing up here on the forums. It just took a lot longer to get here than I expected, haha.

I’m 21
I’m currently living in the Midwest of the USA
Living with my boyfriend of (almost) 4 years who I’m madly in love with
I’m a Taurus (if that’s a thing that interests you)
Though my genre of writing doesn’t take after them, my biggest inspirations for writing are Dean Koontz and Stephen King
Big nerd for just about anything (but I feel like that goes without saying)

Feel free to ask any questions!

Welcome! Have a snoop around - there’s loads of info here.

I’ve only read on Dean Koontz book (From the Corner of His Eye), and I did not care for it. Any recommendations?

Welcome to the forums!

Hello and welcome! Any questions, feel free to ask!