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Is there a such thing as scholarships for furries?

Being a college student, I have been looking for scholarships for awhile, and I haven’t come up with much yet. I was wondering if there are scholarships for furries?

Sorry if that’s a dumb question, I am just curious.

I don’t think such a thing exists, unfortunately. Or, at least, I’ve never heard of or stumbled on one. The community seems to still be a bit too much of a niche to have a specific scholarship.

Apparently scholarships are available for school team mascots. I just Googled for “college mascot scholarships” and got some interesting results.

If I win $30 million or so in the lottery, I want to establish the “Shining River Prize for Furry Poetry”.

I don’t think there is such a specific thing as a “Furry” Scholarship. However, because Furries have specific categories such as writing, traditional art, digital art, etc, so there’s really nothing to stop you from applying for a writing scholarship, but in order to do Furry Writing.

I wanted to do an anthro story for my local mentorship programme, but the presence of animal characters may not allow it to be accepted as easily as a “humans-only” story. But we all have to start somewhere.

Hi HalfbloodCheetah:

I’m a post-graduate and have been struggling to find scholarships on our particular sub-genre. Take heart, however, as there are many writing scholarships/grants/fellowships for different genres, including for speculative fiction writers (which we fall under). I suggest you sign up for some official scholarship/grants/fellowships organizations and websites so they can send you emails, or that you can sign in, search for specific scholarships and then apply. Look into the speculative fiction ones as they may be inclusive of the Furry genre. Hope this helps.

Okay. Thanks for that guys! I will definitely do that.

I googled it and apparently there was one that lasted a couple of years and then merged with another one, then it looks like it died.
Is where I found the talk about it.