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Is it "headfur" or "fur with hair on top"?

This has perplexed ME for about sixteen months, which is about when I started paying attention in earnest to some of the phrasing, moreso now when I’m conscious on how I’m not sure what the correct way saying that an anthropomorphic character has human like hair…would it be considered their own hair or an extension of their fur? And what would be the best means of describing such a feature?

I often go for “mane”, but I usually interpret this in an animal-like fashion. IE, it isn’t just on the top of the head, it extends further down the spine or around the neck.

I don’t like adding human-like hair to characters that don’t have it by virtue of nature. Horses and Lions are good examples.

‘Headfur’ seems pretty canonical at this point. I view it as part of the fur, which grows slightly longer on top of the head (much like our hair, which is everywhere!).

I think I usually use ‘the fur on top of his head’ or ‘between his ears’ if I want to refer to the hair area. I don’t tend to imagine it different colours to the fur, but it might be longer or styled.

I generally just use hair as when I am describing the character, I mention their hair style. (if they have hair) This differentiates it from their fur, as they would have different texture to them. (much like beard vs head hair)

I use hair, and indicate in some way what I mean. “Headfur” is too ambiguous, and also not a word.

Same here, so it hasn’t really been an issue in my work beyond referencing manes. I also find “headfur” an odd word at best, but I guess if you’re writing strictly for a furry market, it’s common enough that it would be understood by the audience.

Ditto. I’m more a reader than a writer, but I cringe at descriptions of an animal like a wolf or a lion with fur or a mane as also having hair. I’m okay with “headfur” that I can imagine as thicker than fur elsewhere on the body. Characters like male lions with manes and female lions without manes don’t need hair.

IMO it’s personal preference, just like paws vs. hands. Personally I prefer hair. I acknowledge it’s too close to human aesthetic for some, and for some characters, none certainly is more appropriate.