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Interests within the fandom

Hey folks, I haven’t dug too much, so I’m sorry if I’m duplicating any topics. I figured I’d offer what I could in the form of data about the fandom. This might help when choosing a theme for an anthology, researching a new market, or what-have-you. As an example, here’s a chart of sexual interests that respondents have said they consume media related to, showing the relative popularities: http://imgur.com/a/fBpf1

If you ever have any questions for anything from the survey, please feel free to hit me up here, the Slack, notes, email, twitter, whatever ^^

Interesting. Where was this survey advertised/where were the groups from?

FA, SoFurry, [adjective][species], social media, and various conventions. We hover around 10,000 respondents per year, which is a healthy slice of the fandom (at least by some counts). The survey lives at https://furrypoll.com and is administered by me and the [adjective][species] team, and was previously run by Rob Baird.

Very interesting