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Indian Culture Inquiry

Hey all! So I have a story idea, but I need help for my main character’s head space. If there is a person here with an Indian descent – or a good knowledge of it – and doesn’t mind being asked a few questions about ideology and culture, please let me know.

In the mean time, back to the Google Machine!

Which tribe are you specifically looking for?

Honestly, I don’t know. I have a story idea and I want to be able to portray a student in the US who is not from the US. That is kinda what I am looking for. I want it to be an accurate portrayal, citing at few negative assumptions one may have had placed on them or slightly negative way one has been treated, but I don’t want to get super duper specific.

In the UK, there’s an assumption that Indian students will be very clever and/or hard-working, probably aiming to be a doctor or similar, and will have very pushy parents driving that hard work.

You could try watching some Russell Peters stand-up.

You may want to clarify whether you’re referring to east Indians (i.e. from India) or Native Americans (aka American Indians). Anymore if I see the term ‘Indian’ otherwise unqualified, I usually assume the former.

Oops, yes, me too.

Sorry about that. Yay assumptions. I have a new term to use.

I was referring to east Indians.

I don’t know how, but I have gotten onto several India Indian websites about animation and entertainment.

Here is one of them. Most seem to be glad to get subscribers in America. Animation Xpress always has job offers from animation studios in India who are looking for American animators willing to move there.


Here is another.


Has everyone seen this yet?

If anyone is interested, here are two more:

TV Linx

AD Linx

I assume that this is more than enough about the Indian entertainment industry.