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I'd say hello, but everybody does that


I’m not official here yet, but I’d still like to post and introduce myself. While I’m new here, I’ve been hanging around the fandom since the mid 90s. I have works posted (not published) on various sites, and if you Google “Rochndil” nearly all the hits will be me.

Formally I have an AB in English and an MS in TPCOM, but no formal classwork or training in Creative Writing - I do this stuff on my own time, for fun. My father was an editor at a tiny little publisher in NYC called New Directions, so from a tender age I was schooled in proper diction. The result is that my native dialect is “proper” English, but I struggle learning grammatical rules because I (usually) follow the correct forms instinctively.

My writing is pretty narrow in scope, usually focusing on generously-endowed Furry femmes engaged in UnBirthing, pregnancy, lactation, or breast-fetish activities of one sort or another. I generally produce very slowly, though occasionally I’ll get inspired and rip through a story in a day or two.

I look forward to getting to know this community and corresponding with folks here, both to learn (there’s always more to learn) and share my own expertise with those who might benefit from it.

Oh, and getting approved would be cool too. (Hint!)

Rochndil, on a friends kitchen island using borrowed WiFi…

Welcome! How cool to have a family background in editing!


Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the club.

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to our little corner of the world. I understand what it is like to have a father who was in the field.
Although my father wrote high fantasy. So welcome!

Welcome aboard!