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I could use some insight about anthro representation


So, I was having a chat with another furry a while ago, and they had some rather intriguing observations about how anthropomorphic characters are featured in certain works. They found it very distasteful that anthros were reduced to certain roles and stereotypes as of late. From what I understand, they believed that anthros have not been portrayed naturally enough. To provide some examples, they disliked anthros being stuck in roles that are considered otherworldly such as being the savage or the enemy. They mentioned anthros being formerly human that were apparently cursed into being anthros in one work.

I have a few ideas for some furry webcomics I want to make. One takes after Sonic the Hedgehog, another takes after Klonoa, and more have been mainly inspired by some anime OVAs of the mid to late 90s. Taking their argument to heart, I suddenly find myself in a situation. Some of my characters in their current form are either non-homosapiens, as in not even from Earth, and some are from a fantasy world. My worlds are set in the same galaxy by the way.

I was thinking about collecting some insights from people. What should I do to best represent an anthropomorphic character?

Your friend’s criticism is not something I really recognize in furry literature I’ve read recently, so I can’t really speak to it.

I’d say, no matter the character, make sure they’re fully fledged out and not just doing what you need them to do, and that the anthropomorphic elements change how they behave.

They were mainly talking about works outside of furry literature, I believe.