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I am a writer of long stories. How do I post them?


I love to write. I must have 50 beyond novel length stories revolving around a sapient lupine anthropomorphic race of people I call the Naakaanee. My novels span over a thousand years, from discovery by humanity, enslavement, and finally integration into human society and the struggles, sorrows, and even love that is found between humanity and the Naakaanee.

My first story, formatted novel- size, was around 500+ pages. (165,000 words) A short story for me is around 150 pages… (30,000 words) I just love writing about a struggling or hurting character, so vulnerable, being held in the arms of someone who loves her, cares for her… It is like I am there, sensing her emotions, smelling her scent, looking into her soft, vulnerable eyes. Hearing the tenderness in her gentle voice, sensing the sorrow in her heart, my own heart desperate to show her unconditional love, to heal her, which in turn heals me. It is like I am there, with her, with them, living through the characters, it is a therapy for loneliness.

There is also the matter of selling the stories in the future, I have been auctioned many times by different writers not to just “Put them out there for free” which is in my heart to do, but having a little extra income would be very welcome at this point, too. I literally have a franchise that spans a millennium…

So I haven’t really posted any of my stories on line, one or two on a writers forum, but I would like to post some stories here.

How do I go about posting longer stories? The idea of posting a chapter a post is not appealing, as there are literally, many, many chapters. (And would be many, many posts, I have to wait between posts, and keep track of the chapters, something unappealing to me. Splitting the books up into four posts is more appealing to me…)

While all of my stories are love stories, I have made every effort to stay away from writing erotica, however, some of my most recent stories have love (romantic, sexual) scenes in them, and oftentimes there is some fairly terrible violence, in the name of character building. So there’s also that…

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I’d suggest going here and posting a chapter a day. It works well for my long stuff.


I get very put off by long stories online; I just don’t like reading huge amounts of text on a computer screen.

Have you considered turning your stories into ebooks? There are plenty of free services to do that for you. Then you can give them away for free, or charge a small amount - whatever you like.

The simplest way would be converting to a PDF, but you can also convert to the mobi (Kindle) and epub (most other e-readers) formats.

It really all depends on your goals and what you are trying to do.

If you want to just get your work and/or name out there, gallery sites like SoFurry/FA/etc. could be a great place to put your story chapter by chapter. I might try pacing it out maybe a chapter a week. Not sure how long your chapters are on average, but that may be an option.

If you are looking to try to make some profit off your existing works, I would second Huskyteer and suggest you look towards self publication. Depending on the content, you could also try to submit one of the novels you have to a publisher in the community. FurPlanet, Rabbit Valley, and Thurston Howl Publications are three that come to mine off hand to me.

Now, if you are looking to post something here, say for critique or some other sort of feedback, you could attach it. That way, it will show up below the post itself. The reader would be able to download it and take it as they will. Though I might point you to the critique section for that. If you’re looking to share for sharings sake, I’m not sure where you’d go to post that. Though I’d also want to ask what you’re goals in posting your stories here are? Just for a better understanding to try and direct you to the right place.

Also, when you say “selling your stories in the future,” that may shoot you in the foot if you self pub or post to a gallery site first. Some publishers may have various rules in regards to reprints – some may accept them, others may not. Though, I’ve heard from a non-furry friend who has novel out that once a book is published, it is unlikely that any other publisher will touch it. I don’t know how true that is in the fandom, but it is something to keep in mind.