Furry Writers' Guild Forum

HTTPS for the Furry Writer's Guild Forum?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but it makes me a little nervous that my login is bouncing around through the internet. How much work would it be to get the forum running on HTTPS?

Since certificates have been available for free since 2016, there would not be any ongoing cost as long as the host supports the free cert.

Right now I it’s a matter of the forums being hosted on the backend of my old website, which was supposed to be a temporary solution until we got ahold of the FWG domain (which happened several years ago), but there’s been no reliable way to move the forum ever since. It’s something that I really don’t have the know-how to do, and from what I understand, my host doesn’t support the free certificate anyway (and it’s not something I’m willing to throw money at).

I wish I had a better answer than “It’s either SSL-free forums, new forums started from 100% scratch, or no forums”, but that’s about it.

Thanks Trale, fair enough! :slight_smile: