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Howl Con 2017 in Portland, OR

Hey all! I’m planning on getting a table at Howl Con 2017, which hopefully will take place in Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area in February 2017 (no location has yet been announced for 2017 as they are still working on funding).


Anyone here interested in splitting a table with me? I was talking with the organizer and really any furry book would probably sell, but you’d probably see more interest in a dog or wolf centric cast of characters. Since easily half the cast or more of my Flower’s Fang series are a wolf like race, I thought I might give being a dealer a shot.

o.o What would the cost be? Think an anthology all about the many different shapes love can come in might sell? Not exactly strictly wolf XD But could be good since it’s in February!

Not sure on cost yet. They are still doing their funding campaign, but once that is done they will announce dealer table costs, etc.

Dealer tables at things like this are usually around $125 - $150, so if we split it three or four ways it isn’t too bad.

I was talking to the organizer and wolf themed things/books sell the best, but he said any animal themed work would be a good fit.

Maybe drop Thurston Howl a line re all those Wolf Watcher anthologies?

Sounds like a great con!

Yeah, we have published so many wolf books so far, and we are publishing two more in the near future. Send us a PM with ways THP can help if interested. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to talk with my publisher and my hubby, but please put me down as definitely interested! I know Weasel wasn’t against us selling Civilized Beasts or other books at conventions since WP has yet to really step into that particular form of sales outside of local conventions. The idea of the price being split in three or four ways also makes it a lot more appealing >.>

We’re planning on having the second Civilized Beasts out before then too, so that should be good, too! I can also see if my publisher would be comfortable with me pushing any other wolf-related books he has out :slight_smile:

So, I’ll PM those that said they are interested, but Howl con is a go! I just put in my vendor application.

Reminder it is in Portland, OR in February.