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Hoping To Make a Good First (Furry) Impression!

Hello everyone! I’ve been a longtime lurker of this forum since first discovering it last summer, only recently have I seriously considered joining and finally decided to happily throw caution to the wind.

A little bit about me: I’m not really “new” to furry fandom as I grew up loving anything in the talking animal genre, with my first exposure coming through Disney (my all time favorites being Robin Hood, The Great Mouse Detective, and A Goofy Movie) and devouring Brian Jacques “Redwall” novels throughout middle school and high school. I first became aware of furry when I stumbled across Vince Suzukawa’s The Class Menagerie webcomic after a friend of mine mentioned I’d dig it, which I did. I still sometimes will re-read through the archives nearly fifteen years after the fact!

I’ve always been a writer, even as a kid I would do little doodle stories of Batman and Captain Underpants and then graduated to writing fanfictions, mostly centered on Ghostbusters and superheroes but it was great practice to a craft I wanted to turn from just a hobby to a profession like some of my favorite writers.

I’ve had friends who are/were furries, and have had a longtime healthy appreciation for the art and fursuiters, but it wasn’t til the last the year that I discovered there was also a healthy respect for the writing portion. I studied English and Creative Writing and got a BFA after graduation but I didn’t pursue writing further after that, as my interests moved on into photography (which was my minor and I found very interesting as a new creative outlet to pursue). It was after hooking up with a friend and helping her write stories for her fursona that I felt not just the inkling to write again after so long but also that old familiar interest in furry that was beginning to grow into more than just an interest and into "Okay, yeah…I definitely want to be a part of this.

This led to me actually scripting and writing and submitting a short piece to Sofawolf’s Heat anthology last year and getting rejected. HOWEVER! It was the good kind, as it was the first time I’d ever submitted something for publication and I felt really good and whoever was over reading all those last year was very friendly in their response and it gave me the confidence to go just a little further and pursue this just a little more, because I knew that I could do it and maybe next time for the next zine or anthology.

So, to make a long, long introduction short hello again! Some quick things I didn’t hit: I love junk food, Doctor Who, action figures, comic books, am a bit of a cinemaphile, hobbyist photographer, fan of professional wrestling and anime, and I own two cats: a Calico named Effy and a black/Maine Coon mix named Winston who are often the subjects of many of my photographs. I have yet to attend a furry con but I hope to change that in the near future. I’m still taking baby steps to making friends in the fandom (I’m as nervous and shy online as I am offline lol). I can also play guitar and bass and my favorite bands of all time are the Beatles, the Ramones, the Beach Boys, the Who, and the Monkees.

Any other questions, please feel free to ask and I hope to make this a home and learn from a few talents here whom I’ve become a fan of :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. Man, I saw A Goofy Movie in the theatre like 10 times when it was first released. :smiley:

I only saw it once in the theaters…but the next year I got the VHS for my birthday and I’m surprised the tape still functions since I replayed it more than once ;D

And I’ve always wondered about your avatar, he looks just like a furry version of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor!

Welcome from another Doctor Who and Monkees fan :slight_smile:

Welcome to our strange neck of the woods. The Guild has tons of great resources for writers of all levels. Good luck.


So, funny story. The artist, Terrie Smith, was doing a badge theme at Anthrocon where she’d draw your character in various styles. I only requested Edwardian, and was very happy with how it turned out. Unrelated to that, I am also a huge fan of Paul McGann’s Doctor—check out his audio adventures on Big Finish if you haven’t—and people see this pic as him so while it wasn’t my intention I’m quite happy my icon turned out looking like him. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums! I’m a Redwall fan too, though I bet plenty of folks on here are also fans of the series.

Ha, I’d always assumed it was an Eighth Doctor icon!

Now that is cool!

And I have listened to his Big Finish audios. Not the most recent stuff but a lot of the older ones up to when he had Mary Shelley as his companion. Makes me wish he had been the Doctor on TV since he fit so perfectly!