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Holiday deals on ereaders

I just looked at the Staples Black Friday ad, and they’ll have the basic Kindle e-ink-type reader on sale for $49, in store only. Don’t know if other stores (or Amazon itself) might have similar or better deals, but thought I’d mention it just in case a Kindle is on anybody’s Christmas list. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know Poetigress.

I have been itching to get an ereader after I gave away my old iPad to someone else. I’m heavily considering it but as of right now I need a bit more money before I go seeking out one of those things. I don’t want to waste money on them only to have it collect dust since I read works online and in print. Since I’ve been on a reading kick and the ereaders have gone down in price though I think it’ll be worth the investment.

I’ve been so hesitant about getting an ereader >.< A physical copy of a book is so much more difficult to delete x.x Still, with the deals a lot of ebooks give you, it’s hard to pass up. If nothing else, I might cave and put it on my Christmas list.

I didn’t think I needed a Kindle until my boyfriend got me one for my birthday ^.^ I also read a lot of furry stuff on it, as hard copies tend to be expensive due to the small print runs - and that’s before you factor in postage to the UK.

I’ve owned two (large) iPads and six Kindles, and I’ve found Kindles to be by far the easier to read on. While my iPads were both pre-air models, the ones I’ve owned were much too heavy to read from any way other than propped on a desk or table. On the other hand the Kindles are generally lighter and handier than real books. In any event I’ve not read a paper book in years now, simply because the e-stuff is so much more convenient.

(Why so many Kindles? I left one in a truck stop bathroom once, but the rest I’ve given away to friends and family for various reasons and then updated myself to a new model. Currently I own and use both a Paperwhite and a 7" HDX, the latter seeing 90% of my use. I’ll note in passing that while the e-ink screens are fine for just plain text (which includes most fiction), if you read stuff with lots of maps (in my case military history and geology) or charts (books on economics) the LCD displays are far better. Not only are they color, which a surprising number of these illustrations are these days, but you can blow up the images better to see them more clearly. I also like the HDX a lot better for reading in bed because you can make the text appear as white on black. Much easier on the eyes!)

Hope this was useful to someone.