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Hi my friends

Hi there. I signed up for the guild not that long ago, but I’ve just now made my initial post. My name is Terry and my latest novel Thicket was published by Thurston Howl Publications on June 10th, 2017. I’ve been writing for over 8 years now, penning stories mostly comprised of anthropomorphic animals set in 1930’s Appalachia.

My latest work is entitled Ruby in the Gearbox, which serves as the prequel to Thicket. It will be published exclusively for e-book, free of charge, starting January/February of 2018. Always looking for beta-readers.

I hope I get to know more of you all! Feel free to message me or drop me a line at terry.gildow@gmail.com

Welcome to our little slice of insanity!

Welcome to the forums! I’ve been interested in writing stories around that time period and that setting!

It makes for a much more intimate writing. The world isn’t as fast-paced and people still talk to each other. My current work takes place a bit earlier still, 1902 in northwest Michigan. Would love to read your writing!

I’ll be sure to pick up Thicket! I have a couple stories set in the 1920s on my FurAffinity page and i’m working on a 1950s Appalachia-set story for Furry Frolics. I plan to write more stories set in both of those settings.

Pleased to make your acquaintance! And always glad to get to know my stablemates at Thurston Howl Publications. My book ALWAYS GRAY IN WINTER, a paranormal sci-fi thriller and first in a werecat family saga series, came out last month.

Found your new work interesting too, as I’m a born-and-raised Michigander. My wife, in fact, hails from Traverse City in the northwestern corner of the Lower Peninsula. Being that I’m both a train buff and a boat nerd, I know a fair bit about regional railroading and maritime lore. We get back to the region frequently though we now live on the other side of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. Be glad to chat further–either PM me here or visit my web site for my social media links.


Welcome! I’ll certainly grab Ruby in the Gearbox - great title.

That sounds great, Mark! Yes, Ruby in the Gearbox takes place on Manitou Island off the eastern tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula, and culminates on the southern tip at St. Ignace. Would love to consult you on Michigan wildlife and botany. I’m always trying to follow in Richard Adams’ footsteps with his plethora of vegetative knowledge. He knew every bit and iota of what grew on the Downs, such an inspiring writer. I’d say he and Oscar Wilde are my biggest influences. I’ll be in touch (and congrats on the publication!).

Hah! Should be able to help you there. I used to live and work in the Upper Peninsula! “Say yah to da Yoo Pee, eh?” My ties to the area run deep, suffice to say.


<— Wher’d’ya think I gots me dis dere hat? 's cold out d’rin dem dere winters, yanno. Yah sure u betcha, hey?


;D ;D ;D All I’ve got is this plain jane York, Pennsylvania accent. The “accent” is no accent if you’re wondering 8)