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Hi from another husky

First of all I have to say that Huskyteer is a killer username. I can’t hold a candle to that, and of course I can’t take it for myself, so I settled for Sibir: pronounced see-beer, what Russians call Siberia.

I dedicate most of my time and effort into writing speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, alternate history). Given my ethnic and educational background, and just a few of my interests, my stuff is usually about Asians, Russians, made-up worlds, the military, robots, talking animals, neuroscience, or body horror. I’m beginning to dabble in writing for the furry realm. For anthro fiction, I’ve been published in Wolf Warriors III and I have a story forthcoming in Symbol of a Nation. I plan on writing more. Sometimes I draw, though I’m sad I don’t have as much time to do this as I used to. My icon is a small example of my style and work.

I grew up on furry things long before I even knew what furry meant, that there was a whole community for it. I watched Disney movies, Pokemon and Digimon, played Sly Cooper, and read Redwall, Watership Down, Warriors, and The Rats of NIMH. Redwall in particular has a special place in my heart. One of these days I’ll write a story or two paying homage to these wonderful books that have changed/saved my life.

As an Asian-American, I’m a passionate advocate of marginalized narratives and writers, and am happy to share my experience of what it’s like growing up with two very different cultures. When I’m not an angry POC peeved over racial injustice, I don’t bite. I love getting acquainted with people who share similar interests with me.

Looking forward to many adventures in this community!


Welcome to the forums!

Hello Sibir!

Hurrah for huskies! ^.^

Your name is VERY cute, and so is your icon :slight_smile: I look forward to reading your stories - I have one in Symbol of a Nation too, so we’ll be husky anthology buddies!

I also love robots.

Welcome to the forums!

Yes! My undergrad’s mascot is the husky, so working as a college newspaper cartoonist gave me lots of chances to draw it. While I love huskies in general, where I live makes owning one not ideal. (Boo Texas heat)

Thank you so much! I love Russian culture and history, probably for the same reason most people in the West are enamored with Japanese culture. Maybe that partly explains why I’m drawn to huskies. I’m glad we can be husky buddies. We need a third one so we can form the Three Huskyteers proper, yes? :wink: