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Hey, just yet another fox here.


I figured I would get around to making an account and introducing myself since I’ve been reading the forums on and off the past year. Also the past few months, and starting a writing challenge, I’ve started to double down on my writing and keep running and stumbling into really lame questions that I need to ask if I can’t find any preceding information.

So I guess a bit about me I’ve been heavily into the fandom and the writing scene, leaning more to the published areas, for I guess six or seven years now. I kind of caught the tail end of sites like Furnation and Sofurry when I came in. Though for most of that I’ve been a quite reader and it’s been really fun as of late to put faces to names doing my YouTube channel and talking to authors.

Other than that I’m Australian and I work night shifts so it makes dealing with time zones a huge mess.

Cheers, Reyfar

Welcome! I enjoy your reviews!

Yeah, another furry from the Southern Hemisphere. Welcome!


Oh wow, thank you! :slight_smile:
It’s been really fun and dramatically increased my reading habits this year.


Welcome to the forums!