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Help me find a story and writer?

Hi guys,

So I am trying to find a story with anthro cat people in it. This story and writer are important to me because this story got me into writing anthropomorphic fiction, something that keeps my heart and soul sane and alive.

The story is about a human man hauling weapons for the military, when there is a flash, and suddenly he is transported to a feudal world of cat people. He finds one, a female, injured, and helps her. It turns out she is royalty, if I remember right, but he has a lot of trouble adjusting to their society, and he has to foil plots and attacks, but ultimately does love the cat woman he rescued.

i think it is called “Lightning in the shadows” or darkness or something? By a man named Howell? Does anyone have any information on this novel or the writer?

Sounds like “The Human Memoirs” by G. Howell.

Certainly sounds like ‘The Human Memoirs’ by Greg Howell. Unfortunately his web page seems to be gone. A quick search showed a couple of his books on amazon.com but ‘The human Memoirs’ was not among them.

Here’s a listing of what I was able to find https://www.amazon.com/G-Howell/e/B008GIBDJA/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Shame his site is gone. I found his stories years ago, and like you, they were a part of the reason I started writing.

Yeah, it’s certainly The Human Memoirs by Greg Howell. It was serialized in ANTHRO issues #1 to #4 (September/October 2005 to March/April 2006), and later published as a trade paperback by ANTHRO Press, now out of print. You can read the whole novel online here.