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I go by Fruitso on all online outlets, but professionally as Cameron Galloway

I’m really happy a group like this exists, I’ve had a fascination with furry literature ever since reading Redwall as a kid introduced me to the idea of anthropomorphic animals as characters. I wouldn’t have thought that furry could be a legitimate writing genre, but thanks to the visible works of those like Kyell Gold and Ryan Campbell, I have the inspiration to pursue my own furry stories.

While I haven’t published anything yet, I’ve got a lot of ideas for stories that have yet to be written out. I’m hoping to build a network of like-minded furs, and learn to better hone my craft with everyone else!


Welcome! There’s loads of help here - just ask.

Thank you!

I’ll look forward to doing so!

Hey, welcome! I also loved Redwall growing up. Hope to see you in the TOC sometime!

I’d love to! When does that happen?

Welcome to the forums

Hello, I look forward to working with you! Be sure to look into your local cons as they often have writing pannels!

Thank you!

I’ll certainly try, time and money willing!

Welcome to the forums!