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Hello there alll you lovely people

Hi there, I think it’s been a while i was on these forums and with the new one probably better to introduce myself.

I used to be Tegan Ainsley. now I’m writing as Diana Belmont, in real life I prefer the name Artemis but people can call me Ace.

I’ve had story in a Thurston Howl charity anthology and the anthrocon conbook.

My fursona’s a tiger (despite what my bio says. i really need to remember to email to update that sometime in the future for the final time)

I’m from Pittsburgh and i love reading and writing stuff with a transformation and transgender theme

Anyway, it’s nice

Welcome to the forums. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hello there and welcome to the forums!

thank you! it’s very nice to get a private message like this from both of you.

Welcome to the forums!