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Hello! I'm Shirou! New forums, new start!

I’ve introduced myself before and have hovered around the community for a while. I figured with the new forums I’ll just re-introduce myself for those who are new, and those who are older who may be coming back.

My name is Shirou, I’m a writer. Well, I try to be. I’m a bit slow and a bit rusty, but I’m doing my best! I’ve been published in a couple of anthologies; ROAR 7 with The Butterfly Effect and The Daily Grind with Dragon Roasted Coffee Beans. Currently I’m working on a writing project for Vancoufur. Typically I like to write fantasy or contemporary, slice of life pieces, or both, but I’m not afraid of writing outside of those realms.

I’m a fuzzy, orange dragon who currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. It’s not really that cold here, it’s pretty temperate, but maybe that’s the fur talking. I hope to see you around the forums, the slack, or the telegram group!


Hiyas, nice to see you here. ^^

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And nice to see you here, too!

Welcome back. We’re glad to have you.

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Hi hi! (Oh apparently posts have to be more than 20 characters, so have some more Hi!)