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Hello! Glad to be here.

Hi All!

I’m new to the guild and am finally getting around introducing myself! My name is Eric, and the only consistent thing I’ve done over the years is write. When I’m not writing fiction usually I’m writing software, or building something.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Hi there! 'Twas great chatting with you. Always good to see new blood in the shoutbox. Welcome! :slight_smile:

Also, where has your writing been published? I’d love to check it out. :slight_smile:

Welcome from me too!

Now if only I could write consistently…

The chatbox was nice :slight_smile:
My only published work is in the sports anthology Claw the Way to Victory I wrote the story “A Knights Tail”

Most of my writing is just personal stuff it was only in the last two years I’ve actually tried showing things to others. This year I’m trying to make a real effort and heard that you all were a good community to get plugged into.

Thinking about doing a blog where I just dump all of the things I have no intention of seeking publication for.

I forgot to mention this today, buy my recent method is if I come up with a sub 4k word idea I write it, no matter what. Meaning over the last two months my stack of exercise stories has gotten weird.

Welcome to the forums!

Oh, that was you! I enjoyed that one!

I like the sound of forcing yourself to write those shorts. I bet you get a few good ones among the weirdness.

Welcome to the forums!


Welcome, fellow traveler!