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Hello from a would-be writer fox!

Howdy folx! I’m MattFox, some of you might know me through my lovely husband Miriam, but for those of you that don’t, and I’m sure that most of you, I’ve been an aspiring writer for some time, and I’ve got a handful of things floating around, but haven’t seriously written anything in a long while, barring a few as yet unpublished scribbles. I’m hoping to get more social with the writing community, as I’m always inspired to write when I’m around other writer’s. I never know what more to say in things like this, so I’ll just say “Hi!” and wander off in to the night, for now.


Yes, we know Miriam. Nice to meet you. Welcome.

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Glad to be here! Just need to find the time to dedicate to writing, don’t we all.

Hello and welcome to the forums!

One piece of advice I hear a lot when it comes to that is, “start small.” Set aside ten minutes per day, or even five, and you can build from there. The important thing is to make writing a habit.

Or so they say.



[apparently posts need to be more than 20 chraacters]

Hello! and good luck on your quest to write words and make sense.