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Hello from a Dragon!

I had no idea the furry writing community was so active until attending MFF at the start of the month! Now I’m inspired to write and join in the fun.

While I do mostly art, my roots rest in writing, so I would love to join this community. I went to college for English Literature/Creative Writing - Poetry and, while my fellow students accepted fantasy and anthropomorphic writing among our critique groups, the staff firmly insisted it was a childish genre. And they were probably right, but I found the subject preferable to the plethora of fly-fishing short stories that they praised (it’s a Montana thing, I guess). After school, I went on to write gaming articles, SEO articles, poetry, flash fiction, and so on…but that sort of stuff doesn’t matter. What matters is that anthropomorphic fiction is where it’s at. I’m here to write about furries and nothing can stop me.

I’m also interested in the beta reading that was mentioned at the MFF panels. I am slowly sifting through the forums to figure out where I will lurk, but until then, if you PM me directly I would love to offer some critique/advice/etc. on any story you have. I especially love reading high fantasy, and anything with the following themes is a bonus: mythology, astronomy, magic, dragons, geology, weather…and general nerd stuff. Just be warned–I am a harsh editor. >:3

Anyways, nice to meet everyone!



Welcome to the FWG!


Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the FWG forums. Speaking as MFF writing track lead, it’s rewarding to hear that your experience at MFF inspired you.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry that my welcome is late! I hear ya about the powers that be not respecting speculative fiction and its sub-genres such as Furry. Thank goodness I had an encouraging creative writing professor back in community college, and later, most of my grad school faculty encouraged me. As a matter of fact, my entry with the application was a furry piece from the historical I’m currently working on. So, sorry to digress, but welcome to the FWG forums!