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Hello from a British Polar Bear

Well I thought I’d say hello. I just joined the guild today, I’m not sure what to say other than obviously I’m a writer. I’ve been around on So Furry since the very first day of Yiffstar and on FA since the first day as well. Before that I was on a few furry writing yahoo groups (it was so long ago I struggle to remember them, erotic furry writing is the only one I can name) I’ve had a few stories published in anthologies (Hot Dish 2 and Seven Deadly Sins) and I have just had a full length novel accepted by Thursdon Howl. I self publish at bit as well and have ran a fairly successful patreon for the last eighteen months. Anyway, I’ll probably be a fairly quiet member of this forums I hope you all are having a good and productive 2017 so far,

Welcome! 8)

Glad to see you in the Guild, sir bear. :slight_smile: Welcome, welcome!

Hi there! I’ve seen you on SF but I didn’t realise you were a fellow-Brit :slight_smile:

Thanks and hello, and yeap I’m a Geordie bear

Thank you kindly

Nice to see you to Mr folf

Welcome to the forums!


Welcome welcome!


I also started a Patreon as well. I don’t know how to cross-promote Patreon pages but that may be a possible option. I can’t say if anyone pays attention to my social media posts or not but Networking is important.

Fell free to chat with me. I may ask a few questions when I have free time.