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Hello friends! o/

Hey there! I’m an aspiring writer in my early 20s, here to surround myself with other people who enjoy writing enough to make it a lifelong companion. I’m aiming to join the Guild formally and hope to help bring in more folks and foster the sense of community that’s already here!

I’m disabled (primarily ASD + ADHD) but didn’t know that until about six months ago, and it wasn’t long before then that I’d even started considering it as a possibility. I’ve been writing bits and pieces since I was a teenager, but it’s only as I’ve begun to overcome disability-related obstacles that I’m comfortable with writing for an audience. I think my life has given me a unique perspective and a bank of experiences and feelings that will help my writing resonate with others, so it’s not all bad.

Most of my interest in literature is in character-driven fantasy fiction, and some of my favorite themes are authoritarianism, social ostracization, identity conflict, religion and the human (sapient) condition. I plan to deal with all these themes in the novel I want to write, glimpses of which are available on my FurAffinity page as I participate in prompts and, in the future, publish some short stories. I think good storytelling can be a powerful element of catharsis, wisdom and escape in people’s lives-as it has been in mine!–, and I think that goes for the writer as much as the reader.

Hope to get to know you all! Feel free to message me on Slack; hopefully I’ll be in the Telegram group soon as well. Thanks for reading!

Welcome to the forums. Please let us know if you have any questions.