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Hello everyone!

Ah, the standard intro post…
It’s been so long since I’ve immersed myself in my furriness, it sort of feels like slipping on a comfy old shirt. A fuzzy, vampiric-dragon shaped shirt.

I tend to find this sort of thing easier to just list various random stuff about me so…
I go by Aldrea Alien almost everywhere on the web. If you see the name, there’s a high chance it’s me. It’s not my real name. There are too many authors with my real name.
I seem to attract reptiles and turtles, which is great as I’ve a love of all things reptilian. And cats. I adore my little fuzzy babies.
Oh, yes! I’m a self-published author! I’ve several published novels, some furry, some not (the oldest of which is my eighteen-year-old baby with an anthropomorphic-populated planet). If you’re on Wattpad, you’ll find one of my WiPs with dragon MCs (so inspirationally called Dragon :P).
The majority of the stories I like to read and write are in fantasy settings. And anything with dragons at the fore is going to get my attention.

So that’s me. Mostly… I’m also allergic to silver, prefer nighttime to day, identify as one of the lgbtq+ letters, don’t make five foot and am a mother.


Welcome! That’s an excellent pen name. I like alliteration!

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums!
I sent a friend request on Goodreads. :3


Welcome to the forums!