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"Hay there!" from a Wannabe Narrating/Voice Acting Foxeh

Good afternoon fuzzies, my name’s Ekedo a 28yo foxeh from NE MO! I’m not exactly a writer, I am fluent in English reading and can stumble my way through basic German.

I came here after noticing more and more furry/anthromorphic based books/short stories showing up all over. I’m hoping to work my way into Voice Acting/Narrating Ebooks and I figured the best place to start would be within my own community, and a guild of us who are dedicated to writing original stories/books and works. :grin: I have been told multiple times by other furs and even people at my job (i work all day taking orders over the phone, so I use my voice a lot, lol), that my voice is perfect for radio and narration.

I wasn’t sure where to begin, in acquiring the rights to put stories into an audio format. If you guys might have any thoughts, I’d love to chat! I’m hoping the market for furry/anthro books/stories on audio platforms will become something as common as they are for humans, lol.

Well, that’s not something I know much about, but we do have some others with experience in that area.

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well, either way I appreciate your attention so quickly :slight_smile: I’ll keep snoopin around until I find someone. I really like what you guys have going here, if i do get something going, i’d love to help contribute in some way

There was a website that let you do stuff long before auditable came out.

I think it was called AUX or somesuch. Normally people will contract you. There is fiver.com. upworks is closing.

There’s many authors that may want thier books turned into audiobook for a reasonable price.

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I was thinking about that, it’d be a dream to work with fellow furs to give a voice to their work. I’m not exactly sure what a reasonable price would be while still being able to make a little money. I’d end up under cutting myself probably lol

You could make a profile on ACX and then share a link to it in our author spaces. I know at least a few of us use ACX or possibly Findaway Voices when looking for voice talent.

Also… Welcome! :slight_smile:


oooh I think I’ll finish my ACX profile, I already had one started from my initial search. :smile:
And thank you! you guys have been the most helpful group i’ve talked to so far! i frickin love my fuzzy brothers/sisters!
If you guys are looking for a narrator with a deeper smooth voice who, despite the sultry southern drawl, can enunciate his words and add emotion to his reads, I’d be more than willing to do whatever it takes. :blush: heck I might end up doing a couple short stories or something for free just to get my voice out there. I’m always nervous about reading those public domain scripts, i dont know if they’ll sound right with my tone.

I would be interested in converting a book into audio, if you have any idea of a cost for services. I don’t mind throwing money into a hole as long as it isn’t a ton of money. lol

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heya! hmmm i’d have to think about it, honestly i’m a greenhorn when it comes to pricing this sorta thing. I dont want to be outrageous for ya’lls sake, but I’m not sure what is too cheap either >///< what sounds fair to you? and Let me record a short sample or two and I’ll post it on my ACX account for everyone to hear. any suggestions of public domain works I could pull from?

You may also want to check out a sample of the material. Warning my material has been described as ‘screamingly erotic’. I have no idea how much work is involved but realistically, I would be lucky to break even if I invested $1000 in the project, but as I’ve said before I do waste money for my hobby, but that is about how much it cost for a read through for an editor. I thought it might be comparable. However, there are more expensive editing services. I think it would cost me about $3000 for a FWG editing service for a novel. (unless I’m mistaken someone may be able to correct me on that) I’ve never published an audio book so you would need to think about if your services are just for the voice acting or for the publication as well. There may need to be a little research needed to work it out. I’m not afraid of trying it, but you do realize the first one would be a painful learning process. Of course, I’ve been considering expanding my publishing as a service to other writers I know. It could be a learning process for both of us.

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