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Having trouble with the Coyotl Awards website?

I’m hearing that some people are having trouble with the Cóyotl Awards website. So, if you can’t get your votes/nominations posted through the website, then you can send them by email to coyotlawards@gmail.com.

When I hit the Nominate button, the screen refreshes but I don’t get a confirmation message. So I have either sent three nominations, or zero.

EDIT: looks like three, from the confirmation emails I’ve just received :slight_smile:

I’ll probably wait until around 1 May to send in my nominations, both to allow time to fix the Nominate button, and to read more of the 2014 books and stories.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Right now I’m strongly considering nominating “Bête” by Adam Roberts in the Novel category, and I haven’t seen much mention of it at all in the furry community. (I’ve written a review of it for Dogpatch Press, but who knows when that’ll be posted?)

Does anyone have any recommendations?

We’ve got a thread for that: :slight_smile:


And basically, Fred, anything eligible for this year’s Ursas is also eligible for the Cóyotls, though works might fall into different categories based on their word count.