Furry Writers' Guild Forum

Guild Elections 2023-2024

This is the thread for all candidacy announcements.
Those who wish to run for any of the positions should use this thread to share their vision for the guild, their campaign promises, and also which position they are running for. To be eligible, candidates must be a full FWG member and must announce candidacy before April 30th.
Should there only be one candidate per role, an election will not be held.
Should there be multiple candidates, details about the election will be shared in May.

Positions open for election:

Candidates: J.F.R. Coates (Jaystoat)
Vice President
Candidates: K.C. Shaw
Public Relations Officer
Candidates: Resolute
Markets Manager
Candidates: Vincenzo Pasquarella (Scribbles Cheetah)

I would like to announce my candidacy for President of the Furry Writers guild for a third term.

Over the past year I feel like I have developed the guild with new initiatives, including the first FWG book bundle, overseeing the FWG becoming a non-profit organisation, a continuing revamp of the membership profile and recommended reading pages, a strong stance against AI generated story content (in line with other writing guilds and bodies online), and the launch of a guild patreon page.

I see this as merely the start of what I have in mind for the FWG, as I feel like these are foundations to build something bigger. If I can get the FWG into a place where it is self-sustaining, then I have additional plans that include guest blogs, online workshops, advertising support for members, and a presence in conventions that our members and publishers are not able to reach.

My first year as president was a safe pair of hands. My second was building the foundations. I hope you will trust me with a third and to build the guild into something it has always had the potential for.

Hello! My name is Vincenzo Pasquarella (Scribbles Cheetah) and I would like to announce my candidacy for Market Manager.

I have been Market Manager for a year or so, and done my best to keep the markets page and the discord updated with new calls for our writers to see. I’d love to continue keeping you all updated on future writing opportunities!

I would like to announce my candidacy for vice president, which would be my third term. I’m proud to have helped the guild achieve nonprofit status in 2022. These are exciting times, since the ability to fundraise means we can begin implementing goals that have been out of reach until now.

My role as vice president is to support the president and lend a hand where I can to the other officers as well. I look forward to helping with all our new endeavors.

Hello! I’m Resolute, here to announce my candidacy for Public Relations Officer. Along with Kate I’ve been a voice on our monthly FWG news podcast, and I’ve helped with moderation and administration in the community. I would like to do more, to start reaching out and being more of a voice for the Guild. I’m absolutely open to ideas or assistance in that regard!

The guild is going through some awesome growth as we push towards that aforementioned goal of being self-sustaining. I hope to keep contributing in whatever way I can.

While I’m a bit late (and have been a bit absent, when all is said and done), I’m announcing my candidacy for staying on as the FWG’s treasurer.