Furry Writers' Guild Forum

Guild Elections 2022-2023

Serving as guild president has been a great honour over this last year, as well as a significant learning experience for what is needed in this role.
Given my new working situation in a full time role, I am unsure if I am capable of fulfilling all my ambitions for a second term, but I am a strong believer that the guild needs someone steering the ship.

I am putting forward my candidacy to stand for a second term.

During my second term, I hope to achieve the following:

We are close to being in a position to registering the FWG with a full business non-profit status. This will be implemented either early in my second term, or potentially even in these last few weeks.
With this in place, my team and I will be looking to implement a voluntary dues/donations system to fund additional costs. Possible incentives will be considered.
An overhaul of the guild directory, suggested reading list, and market pages to make it easier to navigate and find relevant works.
Oxfurred Comma 3 - the purpose of Oxfurred Comma was to fill a void left by physical conventions getting cancelled due to Covid. A poll amongst members will be put forward whether there is interest in continuing Oxfurred Comma.

I hope to continue being a voice for furry fiction for a long time to come.