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Guild Donations

I’ve gotten several people who are in favor of doing this. So I’m going to ask, what do you guys feel the best way to go about this is?

Should I make a whole new paypal account for this, or is the one I use for my business-related items okay? I figure the former would be the better options, though I wouldn’t link it to a bank account. I’d also make sure I have a thread for contributions, posting who donated money and how much. Items can be anonymous at the donator’s choice.

Donations would pay for the following:

  • Website hosting (which will include the furrywritersguild.com domain name when that expires)
  • Payment for those who get stories accepted in the FWG anthology
  • Marketing/other items (this will include any items I’ve yet to think of)

I’d also like to look to have two people elected with this first guild election to help run certain items. I don’t know about the rest of you, but especially with money and donations involved, I’d feel more comfortable with having a quickly-accessable group to make decisions with. I believe that money should be limited to one person (probably me) due to the “too many hands in the pot” mentality, but that’s why I’d be listing all donations publicly. Will ensure my honesty.

Thoughts on the matter?

I’d say make a new PayPal account for this, one that was specifically in trust for the FWG.

I’ll donate. Fire it up. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks. I’ll set up the PayPal tonight when I get home from work.