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greeting and salutations furry and anthro

I’m just a humble writer here to greet my self to you all, as you can see in not a furry nor an anthro but I do have some liking to it for a long time, had my shear of writing since I finish my first part of furry story and it’s under process with a trusted and good editing company, I do have more then one story on my note book and I’m in a hunte for a co-author to help out, if any one has the skill in writing just PM for me.

thank a cheers all.

Welcome to the forums!
So you like writing furry stuff? What kind of furry stuff do you write?

Welcome. Generally everyone is a writer here. So that isn’t hard to find here.

well I have one and it got all kind of elements there is about what reader likes about, action, drama, homer… ect, soon I’ll post one of the chapter.

Welcome to the forums!


thanks, I just need some research to develop my story also like I said to find a co-author on other story on my A-list ;D

thanks for the welcome, much obliged dear sir…

Welcome! And LOVE that avatar. I write paranormal sci-fi thrillers about werecats, featuring a family of were-lynx.

More outstanding artwork in the Gallery section of my web site you might appreciate.


thanks, I just add it to my wish list, I’ll have a chance to read.

Check out my web site and sign up for my email list. I’ll be doing a promotion soon where you can win swag like a free copy of the book or outstanding artwork featuring my book’s characters (especially were-lynx like Pawly and her family.)


just submit, hope I win cool stuff.

Thank you! Can’t guarantee you’ll win, but I can guarantee you’ll be among the first to hear about my giveaways. Chatting with the marketing rep from my publisher about giveaways right now! :slight_smile: