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Greetings from the tail end of Further Confusion 2017


I don’t believe in new years resolutions- I’m pretty terrible at them, and usually when I promise to do something- even in the privacy of my own head, my contrarian nature has a way of twisting things so that they don’t get done. Regardless- Not heeding my own experience, I did have the thought that it’d be nice to start writing again this year.

I found the Guild due to Wolphicorn and Chipotle running a few great panels at FC this year. Thank you both very much!

Also, I didn’t mean to write quite so much, so I’ll do a few TL;DRs.

About myself- I am a well travelled individual of a furry nature- Long entrenched in fandom, since my early teens, and this will be my twelfth Further Confusion. I originally hail from Australia, and spent ten years in Israel due to my step father hailing from there. I now reside in Sacramento, where I’ve lived for nearly a decade and a half. I work in IT from home, and enjoy reading terrible fan fiction and indie sci-fi authors. I’ve had many names on various websites over the years, but my first and the one I keep coming back to is Tigger.
(tl;dr- 19 years in fandom- Techie tigress from Australia/Israel living in the US)

A little about my writing- I’m not a published author or anything like it- I’ve written my bad million words in a smattering of places- Online Multi User Character Kingdoms and other such places, and into a few unfinished stories that I highly encourage you -not- to go looking for- Mostly of an adult nature and aimed at a very, very niche group.
I did self-publish a tiny tiny book of one of those stories, once, and a whole one (1) copy sold (I bought a few myself, but someone else grabbed one) However, I had to yank it from the internet as it showed up under a search of my real name (Even though I was careful to use a pen name- Thrice dammed metadata)
(tl;dr- Don’t read my old stuff. Really.)

However, I do have a few story ideas that have been percolating in my brain for some years now- Some that I might even let my dear old mum read, and I’d like to get some of them down on paper somewhere. I’d also like to come up with a few new ones, and… fortune and chance permitting, I’d like to finish one.
(tl;dr- write some more, cat.)

My absolute favourite author in the fandom is probably still Paul S. Gibbs, who wrote a trio of books about M’Ress, from Star Trek:TAS, and then started rewriting them into his own stories, but sadly passed away. I read those when I was still quite young in the fandom, and I still have copies of the original works that I treasure to this day. I’ve read a few modern furry authors- Kyell Gold’s Out of Position and Waterways, and I’m definitely going to pick up some of MCA Hogarth’s stories, now that I’ve been pointed to them. I’m very interested in reading more Furry Sci Fi.
(tl;dr- read some more, cat.)

My current favourite books are, in no particular order,

[ul][li]Tales from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper by Nathan Lowell.[/li]
[li]The [ctober Daye series by Seanan McGuire, [/li]
[li]His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. [/li]
[li]Discworld (Of course.) [/li]
[li]Foriegner series by C.J. Cherryh[/li]
[li]A bunch of terrible Harry Potter fanfic (Oh, and the original works, I guess.)[/li][/ul]

(I could go on listing stuff for literally hours, so I better cut this off here)
(tl;dr- I like to read)

Anyway- Thank you kindly for the opportunity to get involved here. I’ll do my very best not to wander off and get distracted by something shiny for months on end- as is my usual pattern. I’ll be jumping in the Slack chat tonight or tomorrow, so that’s more likely to keep my attention.

See you soon, and all my love.


(mtl;dr - Hi! I wanna write some stuff!)


Welcome! Hope to talk to you online at some point.

I know what you mean about stories you’d let your mum read. Mine reads some of mine, but definitely not others.

Welcome to the guild! :slight_smile:

TIGGER!!! Eeee! It was so great to meet you at FC, and I’m so glad you joined the forum and the Slack! Welcome, cat! :3

Welcome to the forums!

Hey there and welcome! Looking forward to chatting with you around the Guild!

Welcome! It was good meeting you at FC.