Furry Writers' Guild Forum

Greetings from the snowy North.

I’m never entirely sure what to say when it comes to introductions, especially in a place like this!

That being said, I’m just an ordinary, average guy that decided to join up here in an effort take take himself a little more seriously as an author and perhaps get to know some like minded people.

I’ve been a writer of furry stuff since the turn of the millennium. Good at starting things, not so good at finishing them. Wrote steadily for about ten years then ended up having to shelve everything as family life took over what little time I had to write. Recently I’ve gotten back into the writing groove and have written more in the last six months than I have in the last six years. It’s a good feeling!

I have a few short stories on SoFurry as well as portions of three unfinished novels I’ve been working on for years. I enjoy writing tales of survival in a post-apocalyptic wilderness, transformations from human into animal or anthro, and have recently tried my hand at some sci-fi. Most of my stories have canine characters with at least one human involved.

I’m not the most active guy on forums but I promise to stick my head in here from time to time. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!

Nice to see you here, Jona! Take a look at our Slack channel


I’m in the same boat, with the starting projects but not finishing them. But I’m striving to get better at that! You should link your SoFurry account here so we can check out your stories!

Can’t believe I forgot to post that link! Long day yesterday, brain must have been a little fried. https://jonawolf.sofurry.com/