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Greetings fellow writers!

Hey all,
I have not been around the forum in quite some time. I would not really consider myself “new” but since I can’t find any posts before now, I guess it is cool to re-introduce myself.
Name’s Kiyo (kiyofox), and I have a bunch of stuff on FA and SoFurry. I will post a new topic soon regarding my latest finished work, which I’m working towards getting published (hopefully within the next year or so).
I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi, I enjoy Romance and some Fantasy, and find other topics like slice-of-life and drama interesting. I think I’m pretty open to just about any story idea, and I will try to devote some time to giving feedback here to those who are looking for it. I hope that you will return the favor!
Looking forward to being more active here as I continue to work on pieces and hopefully develop my craft.
See you around!

Welcome to the forums!


Welcome (or welcome back)!