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Generic Anime Discussion Thread

This is a generic thread in which to discuss anime, not a thread in which to discuss generic anime…though I guess that would also have to be allowed. Don’t be embarrassed! Anime at its best is as legitimate an art form as any other motion picture tradition.

Well, I’ll get this out of the way now and link my favorite anime, Ghost Stories. Basically, it was a serious anime in Japan, but it was received poorly. When it was translated, the company that did the dub was given free reign to improvise the script.

And thus was born this…beautiful thing. I’d consider it NSFW.

Edit: I should add that some episodes are far better than others. One of the top two, in my opinion, would be this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLvlUpc2j7w If you only want to watch one to formulate an opinion on it, go for that one.

I’ve seen it. Not really helping the whole “anime is a legitimate art form” angle I had goin’… XP

One of the more popular shows ATM is ‘Attack on Titan.’ I decided to watch a few eps on Netflix before San Japan (anime con in San Antonio) because I knew there would be a lot of people dressed up as the characters and I wanted to get a feel for what it was. “I’ll watch a few episodes while having dinner” turned into “OMG IT’S MIDNIGHT AND I HAVE WORK TOMORROW…okay, just one more.” So yeah, it kind of sucked me in.

Mm, it’s got a lot going for it (those action sequences couldn’t have been cheap), though I did have issues with the pacing. I prefer the manga, but that’s not unusual in cases where one encounters the source material before the adaptation.

Not my intention at all. ^^ Calling any form of media an illegitimate art form is downright silly.

I would tend to agree, but the perception is there. What are some other titles you like?

The Summer Wars and Wolf Children, beautiful stories that are as special to me as many of Miyazaki’s films (which are artistically beautiful beyond comparison). Also what is generic anime in your opinion Dwale?

Still haven’t gotten around to seeing “Summer Wars” though I surely will. I loved “Wolf Children.” I checked out some other titles from that same director and didn’t like them nearly as much…I didn’t find them bad, exactly, they just didn’t do much for me.

And yeah, Miyazaki’s a master director, though I’m more partial to Takahata’s work.

Generic anime…? Well, I was just cracking a joke, but since you asked, I would say that a “generic anime” is the one so beholden to convention that it’s wholly unremarkable.