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Genderful - a trans and non-binary furry fiction anthology

As furries, we base large swaths of our identity around species. We search for what fits, we let our species choose us, and find ways to be happy as such.

Species isn’t the only portion of identity that we explore within this subculture, though; given the relative safety of our community, gender is also something that we frequently explore. More than 8% of furries describe themselves as non-cisgender, and a further 6% describe their gender as ‘complicated’ (via the 2016 Furry Survey).

Furry is often a means of wish-fulfillment for us, the players of our characters and the bearers of our avatars, so we often present ourselves as we desire to be seen. Within a fictional furry world, though, there’s little reason to expect that similar statistics around gender identity and expression would not also be the case.

Genderful: Green and Gold — How would those in a such a world explore their gender in a day-to-day context? What are the mechanics of hormone replacement therapy - transdermal patches obviously being out of the question - or of gender affirming surgery? What are the social implications of gender transition in a society already differentiated by species?

Genderful: Blue and Silver — How would those in a such a world explore their gender in a sexual context? What are the effects of hormone replacement therapy or of gender affirming surgery on one’s sexuality? How does sex and sexuality work in a setting with complex scents and sensitive noses? Dating, already scary, gains a new layer of tension; romance, already complex, gains a new layer of difficulty; and sex, already fraught with gender, becomes even more complicated.

About the anthology

Genderful is an anthology of short fiction in two parts edited by Madison Scott-Clary. It will comprise several pieces from diverse authors. The anthology will be released in both physical and e-book formats, as well as, depending on interest, audiobook format.

Genderful: Green and Gold is the general side of the anthology, and Genderful: Blue and Silver is the adult side. Stories for general audience and adult stories will be offered in separate sections or books (the exact details will be determined when we receive submissions) to allow readers to curate their experience.

The submission period is between December 1, 2019 and March 1, 2020.

Read the call for submissions here!

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Submissions are now open! Feel free to hit me with your stories :smiley:

As a note, submissions are also open for two other calls, both of which are furry friendly, though not furry specific. You can see which ones are open here

Payment rates have been updated to 2.5 cents/word with a maximum of $100/story, up from a flat-rate $25/story. It’s a bit aggressive, but hopefully helps get more authors out there!

Remember, reprint, multiple, and simultaneous submissions are welcome; I can think of a few wonderful stories from Arcana that would make a good fit… :slight_smile: