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Gateway FurMeet 2014/2015

Gateway Furmeet 2014 takes place in St. Louis, MO, USA, April 18-20 (which is Good Friday through Easter weekend). I will be leading a Writers Meet and Greet at 10am on Saturday April 19th, so if you’re planning to attend the inaugural GFM, we’d love to have you come by for an hour of s*** writers talk about.

I’m now at Gateway FurMeet 2015, which started today. In about 2 hours 45 minutes I do what I believe is the only writing panel of the convention (a meet and greet). On the outside chance that anyone sees this who is there this weekend, come join us!

Good luck! Have a lovely time!

Tell us how it goes!

It went well. People trickled in throughout the time period. Around the room introdctions, people were invited to ask or bring up whatever writing and reading related topics they wanted, and some did. I had to throw in a few discussion starters to keep things going but it was a good group and we had an enjoyable 50 minutes.

That’s good to hear. I feel like this is a great way to get a writing presence started at a small con.