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FWG Secretary

While I’ve been filling all the roles for the FWG Presidency that Poetigress and predecessors did, I’ve fallen way behind on the secretarial aspect, and November was particularly tough. Without going into reasons or giving excuses, it’s plain that I need help on this front in particular.

The bylaws assign the following duties to “Secretary/Treasurer”:

Responsible for editing the FWG blog (https://furrywritersguild.com/blog/), including compilation of the monthly Guild News posts, managing of guest post submissions, and coordination of Member Spotlights. As Treasurer, responsible for maintaining the guild’s PayPal account (or other electronic funding accounts as applicable), as well as providing quarterly treasury updates for public view in the FWG forums.

Frankly, I don’t need a separate treasurer, but I really need someone who can compile the news posts, recruit guest posts (to a couple of you who I’m behind on getting back to, I’m really sorry), and coordinating member spotlights. If someone is willing to volunteer for this position, leave a reply here; if there’s multiple people who want the job, you can fight to the death we can hold a special election.

I’d be happy to throw my name in to help ^^

Mentioned this in the slack, but I would be as well.