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FWG Panels at Cons

I’m not sure if this topic has already been discussed or brought up before. I looked around and haven’t seem to find a thread about it, but from what I get the guild is still working on getting itself out there and making the fandom more aware of the writing community in it. Well, to cut to the chase, have there been panels that talk about the Furry Writers Guild? And we should look at planning a panel for at least all the major cons.

The panels would not be there to talk about the guild, how to join, and what it’s goals are, but also a chance to talk about writing in the fandom. How it’s been able to grow where we have several publishers with more works coming out. A look at the state of the community. A chance to interact with people in, future members, and those who may of never heard of it. A chance to talk about the coyotl awards etc…

And it doesn’t have to be hosted by a single group. We all have lives and can’t make every con big or small. But we can divide up who would host the panel at each con so that we can show both the diversity in the guild and so on.

We can also show the Tales From the Guild Anthology and if people liked the panel even sell some copies too for those who are interested of course.

Those are my general thoughts, I would love to get something like this off the ground if it hasn’t been done before. Just wanted to put it out there for a chance to help get the word of the guild out there. Let me know what you guys think, I’m not a full member after all. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Rainfurrest had a FWG that was kinda what you mention there.
I am sure they will continue again once that Con finds its feet once more.

Several cons that have any sort of writing track have members running either panels or meet-and-greets for the FWG. Even if they don’t, you’d be hard-press to find a FWG member running a panel that doesn’t mention the guild at least a few times during every one of their panels.

Concerning the FWG anthology: while showing it off and mentioning it as something the guild has (which has also been done) is a good idea, we obviously wouldn’t be able to sell the books at the panel.

I’ve held FWG panels at FC, Rainfurrest, and Furlandia quite a few times. They’re generally called “FWG Meet & Greet” in order to sound welcoming to people who haven’t heard of the guild before. The tone varies a lot depending on whether it’s mostly curious newcomers or actual guild members. The last FWG Meet & Greet at Rainfurrest was almost more of a guild meeting, since there were so many FWG members there – we discussed guild policy and plans and such. If it’s mostly newcomers, then it’s more informational about what the guild has to offer.

Anyway, they usually go well.

The only furry convention that I can attend for medical reasons is CaliFur, and CaliFur 2016 was just held (1,443 attendees). If there is an FWG panel there next year, I’d be glad to be on it.

I have to ask anyone planning for one at MFF?

Most likely. There was a large boost to the writing track last year after Mwalimu took over as writing track lead, so it seems like that would be a simple thing to do.

It’s getting to be about time to ramp up my efforts to get a writing track planned out. Last year it got mentioned numerous times, in addition to passing out some FWG swag. I’m not sure about an “FWG panel” per se, but FWG will get plugged regardless.

I’m (now) thinking of trying to do something like this at next year’s AnthrOhio or this year’s FurReality (not likely, though). FurReality doesn’t have any FWG-related panels yet that I can see, and AnthrOhio is about 9-ish months away, so there is plenty of time to plan something.

Other than reviewing the “Who We Are” page and talking about the forums, are there any recommendations as to what should be discussed at a panel like this?

It’s good to bring up the Coyotls.