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FWG Calendar for Calls for Submissions

Hello members of FWG,

THP decided to start a Google calendar for furry writers to keep up with all the calls-for-submissions for all the various anthologies. I am updating it regularly based on posts in the “Publishing and Marketing” board as well as the “Calls for Submissions” post. If you ever have any other submission deadlines you want me to add, feel free to message me.



Nice job! I have a calendar of submissions, but because I’m selfish it’s just for me on my own computer :slight_smile: Never thought of creating a public one.

Admins, can we pin this post? And maybe link it from the main FWG site?

Looks like it’s already been pinned XD Would be cool to see this linked though.

Great job! I think you just started a new thing for this site! One small change, CB is open for submissions through October 1st, 2016 :slight_smile:

Munchkin, just fixed the calendar! Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you. I hope to pay strong attention to this.