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Further Confusion 2018 (January 11–15)

Hi there. As usual I’m running late on Further Confusion panels (to be fair I think the con got started later this year than usual, but never mind). So: the $64,000 questions!

[ul][]Who’s coming to FC this year?
]Who’s got a panel idea?
[*]Who’s willing to be on panels?[/ul]

I’ll list a few more panel ideas soon, but I’d like to get input from the community, too. Panels that we have that are likely looking for more panelists:

Furry Writing in 2028: Other genres and subgenres–science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance–have developed writing communities. What can we learn (and not learn) from them?

Anthologies (title TBD): Furry overflows with themed short story anthologies, but do readers love them as much as writers do? Do some kinds of anthologies sell better than others? Should furry publishers be focusing more on anthologies…or less?

Afrofurturism: Melding afrofuturism and furry. (More of a description to follow.)

In addition, we have a few tentative panels and some old standbys, as well as the FWG Meet and Greet that Makyo and I will be running–and we’ll have space available at that panel for FWG members who want to give readings. (The “FurPlanet Presents” panel, presuming it happens, will also have reading space for FP authors who have works that came out at FC 2018 or a few months before or after.)

I’m coming! I’ll do some panels! ;D

I will be there! Which I suppose is obvious from Chip’s post.

One panel idea I really liked was “The Gun on the Mantelpiece”, about outlining larger works and going from outline to draft. Any interest in that from others?

Additionally, Furry vs The Mainstream was fun!

Beyond that, I will be running my standard four: Exploring the Fandom Through Data, the LSF Guide to Safer Sex, Relationships in Furry, and Gender in Furry, and anyone’s welcome to help out with the last three.

“The Gun on the Mantelpiece” was taken as an idea from an earlier FC panel! But I think doing a panel revolving around story structure is still a worthy thing—possibly approaching it from the standpoint of the two kinds of story arcs: character arcs and plot arcs.

I’m coming to FC. I’ll be glad to sit panels like these:

“panel revolving around story structure” (that Chip mentioned)
“Furry vs The Mainstream” (if indeed we do that one again)
“Furry Writing in 2028”
“FWG Meet and Greet”

…and will gladly consider sitting “a few tentative panels and some old standbys” after Chip tells us more about them.