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Further Confusion 2016 - call for panelists

Yes, it’s that time again, or slightly past time. If you’d like to potentially be a panelist, let me know! Here are some panels that have been proposed but have 3 or fewer panelists so far:

[ul][li]Finding Time: Working Writing In[/li]
[li]Furries and the “Other”[/li]
[li]Power and Privilege in an Anthropomorphic World[/li]
[li]Tricks of the Action Scene[/li][/ul]

There are ten panels pending so far, which don’t include my own theoretical typography and layout panel, any readings from authors or publishers, or any FWG “meet and greets,” so we’re still open to ideas for new panels, also. I don’t know how many we can realistically squeeze on to the schedule but we should aim for More Writing Than You Require, I think. :wink:

You can create a panelist profile for yourself and submit a panel here:


And, of course, you can just reply here and ask questions and/or volunteer. I’ll monitor this thread and invite you to any panels, and I’ll also double-check on the panels that I haven’t listed here to see how open the organizers are to guests. We traditionally aim for 3-4 panelists, unless it’s a presentation or author reading.

I would really like to go! I’ll be in California at the time and it’s the closest con to me. I’ve never been to a convention and I would really like to see what it’s like, and maybe meet some FWG people too. However, I’m not sure yet so I don’t want to commit myself to a panel. It’s probably past due now, anyway. n_n’

Well… I got home from RF, and I missed it. So, I’ve registered for FC and would be happy to be on panels. I’ve suggested a few through that website, and I suspect I know something about “Finding Time: Working in Writing.”

It’s not past due for panels, quite yet – but I’m trying to set up who’s going to be on what, still. Right now I really only have 8 confirmed panelists (counting me!) and three of them are on only one panel apiece. So if anyone else is coming to FC it would be really nice if you let me know, like, now!

Panels potentially looking for one or more panelists:

• Tricks of the Action Scene
• “Says Who?” – Perspective in Storytelling
• Furries and the “Other”

Ryffnah, I’ve tentatively stuck you on that last panel, along with the other three you’ve suggested, of course.

Note! One of the panels Ryffnah suggested is an FWG group reading. This requires, well, other FWG members to join her. While I can potentially join as well, it’d be nice if it wasn’t just us. :slight_smile:

My novels have actions scenes, and I’ve written from a variety of perspectives. So, I could come up with reasonable things to say about those first two topics. The third feels like a very important topic that I don’t feel entirely qualified to speak on. However, if you need an extra panelist for it, I can do some research and find a way to do it justice.

As for the FWG Reading – we’d at least have me, you, and Tembroke. I suspect that it’ll possible to get some others, but even if it were just us three, I think it would be good to start the precedent of holding FWG Readings. I’ve been to Broad Universe Readings at sci-fi cons that are the same basic concept, and they can be really neat.

For the record, I tried to do that at RF this year but couldn’t convince them on the concept. (And the schedule was already pretty full, of course.)

I think I also suggested it to them. It would have been a good place for it – there were a ton of FWG members.

The Furry Writers’ Guild Reading at FC is scheduled for 5pm on Friday. We’ll have an hour and a half to divide up between any guild members who want to do a reading. So, if you’re interested, let me know here or send me a PM. Once we have an idea of how many people want to participate, we can get a better idea of how much time we can allot per person.

I’ll read something from Kismet, probably. Hopefully more of you will show up and it will not be just me, Ryffnah and Tembroke. :slight_smile:

I really hope I can make it to FC! It will be my last chance to attend a con for a long while… since I’m moving to Kenya for a year at the end of March, and I doubt I will be attending any cons while I’m there. But I could be wrong. Anyway, I will let you know ASAP if I can make it!!

Would anybody who is passing through the North Coast of California on the way to San Jose be willing to do a carpool? If I could get a ride with someone, I would happily pitch in for gas, sleep on floors, etc. PM me. I would be ever so grateful! :slight_smile:

FWG READING – If you’re interested in participating in this (5pm Friday), send me a message to let me know. Once I know how many readers we’ll have, I can let people know how much time is available per person.