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Fursona generator


You’re welcome.

“A jewel-encrusted sparkledog. it consumes only blood. a golden halo floats above its head.”

What have I become? D:

The best fursonna EVER!!!

“swamp dove. it has far too many teeth and they are all sharp. it dresses like a greaser.”

The f*k? :o


I’ve been using this way, way too much today. So much in fact that I actually came across some interesting combos I can actually imagine being fleshed-out characters x.x Thought I’d share some of them :3

Btw, the weird thing is the spotted maine coon was the very first one I drew o.o I could actually make a character out of that pretty easily…

spotted maine coon. it has ram horns. it comes from a long line of royalty.

speckled fennec fox. it wears a maid outfit. it carries a nail bat.

heavenly coyote. it has a forked tongue. it wears a fedora.

melanistic badger. it speaks a forgotten and ancient language both disturbing and enchanting to mortal ears. it works at an adorable tiny bakery.

celestial sheep. it wears a black leather outfit. it has far too many teeth and they are all sharp.

cream and black ferret. it rides motorcycles. it is always accompanied by glowing orbs of light.

shimmering lilac cobra. crystals grow from its flesh. it is made of glass.

ancient elk. it is a farmhand. it has a long braided beard plaited with ribbons.

big wolf. it is a nature spirit. it lives alone in a dense forgotten wilderness.

jewel-encrusted cat. it wears a snapback. it has an impractically large sword.


Also, I think I broke it:
iridescent hammerhead shark. it is always giving everyone a suspicious look. it is always giving everyone a suspicious look.

At one point I got “piebald fawn. it is always blushing.” That’s my SO’s fursona.

However, my favorite was the black crab that always wears heels.

I think someone played too much Diablo…

"divine cow. it loves gore. Welcome to Hell! Welcome to Hell! "

Oh my…

“Purple and blue sparrow. it floats about a foot off of the ground. it comes from a long line of royalty.”