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Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015

April 9-12, 2015

Along with “Who’s going?” I’ll ask, what sort of writing panels would folks like to see?

Every year my buddy Robert Baird does the same panels:

Character Creation
Making your Characters Furry
Constructed Language and Worldbuilding
Descriptive Language

Beyond those, I was wondering what there’s a desire to see.

I will be there. I’ve been thinking about this, and I would like to do an adult writing panel in the evening, if they’ll let me. I also want to do another panel. Are you going to do, “How to get published” again Rechan?

Yah, that was the most populated panel I was in. Also want to do an adult panel. What else… might do a Sci Fi/Fantasy and a Dialogue panel, we shall see.

Well, do you want to request the adult writing panel then? I would like to just do general adult story telling, if I do an adult writing panel… I definitely want to do one on world culture and history in furry writing since that had been an interest of mine and something I would like to talk about.

Ideally, I want to do 2-3 panels. I can do one on storytelling and focus on what makes a good story, but that is a generic type of panel. When I did that at Megaplex we had only a couple of writing panels.

I’ll be attending FWA 2015. I just took a look at the schedule and it’s looking pretty anemic. There are only six writing panels so far.

I see Nighteyes is doing two of them: Short Story Writing and World Culture and History in Furry Writing

Rechan, are you still going? Did you request an adult fiction panel?

I kept “I’ll do that this weekend”/being indecisive about what panels I would do, and uh, here I am. Totally my fault. I just sent m y panels thing in, hopefully they will crowbar it in at the last minute.


Programming responded to me, said it wasn’t too late. My application is already in. BOOM.