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Furry Times (My Blog)

I consider myself rather in a unique position here on this forum. For one I have a YouTube playlist Best Furry Music Videos that has currently some 96 videos and 226,000 views…even I am amazed by that number. I also have a blog called Furry Times, where I get currently between 600 to 1000+ views a day. I am not just saying that, I can actually prove that.

But I am not here to promote myself, even though no one could blame me. What I am looking for is submissions, anything you want to send me as long as it furry related. You see in the 7+ years I been running my blog, and updating it daily. Which itself is quite unique, as most blogs end after 2 years. I am committed to #1 being honest with my readers, #2 going half out of my mind looking for stuff. Which isn’t always easy. Take being honest, I know I could get more views if I lied like some of the other so called Furry News sites I have come across over the years. But being honest helps…really. Take what happened to me at MFF, the 1st year I let the staff know I had a blog. They naturally assumed I was going to down the con, and the staff. I love MFF. I made that known in the articles I wrote and I was brutally honest, especially with my own feelings. By the very next year, the staff not only knew who I was, but I was thanked for being honest. Going half out of mind looking for stuff, is really the truth. I go through material at a very rapid rate, and naturally because I update my blog daily. The only times I missed doing so was when I was in the hospital. So I get what I can from all over.

But since there is a good possibility of me changing my servers, and having my blog look more professional, and getting my own URL. I want to get more furs involved with my blog. I can’t be everywhere, and like a lot of my readers they can’t too. I will take anything you got, con reports, stories, reviews, whatever. You will get full credit, nothing will be edited and I can link anything you want, to whatever you want…within reason of course.