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Hello friends.

I’m doing some informal research for a future (waaaaay future) project, and for it I was hoping to gather some anecdotes from anyone who lives a full or part time furry existence. Stories from Cons, adventures in fursuiting, tropes of the lifestyle and fandom, personalities, struggles, experiences in the fandom beyond writing–music, relationships, friendships, the online vs. irl Thing…

Yes, it’s for a novel.

No, I will not use anyone’s real name OR anecdotes, confessions or stories. These are just for inspiration. Anyone who is willing to participate will be listed in the acknowledgements by whatever name they like (if you want, or I don’t have to list you at all). As I said, this project is awhile out, but I like to let things stew for A While. If you have a great story but aren’t comfortable sharing it publicly, feel free to email me. I promise these will not go beyond me, and I won’t copy any story, name, or incident verbatim.

Thanks all.

I’ll try to get you mine involving Mary’s daughter to you here soon. It’s a touching story about her making my con when I came across her in my unicorn suit. :slight_smile:

Yes please? I still get goosebumps <333

That would be awesome!!

Here’s a preview:

Like what kind of stories? The ones you tell people about your experiences with the fandom? That sort of stuff?

That sort of stuff :smiley: Things that only long-time fan people would know. Y’know, the way I know inside theatre jokes and wisdom and all that. Had I kept up IRC chat and my online presence after college I probably would’ve ended up Officially Furry but as it was, I went into roleplay, then writing, so I don’t know the intimate ins and outs (no, that is not a dirty reference -_- ). Things that I would want to know if, say, I was telling a story from the perspective of someone active in the fandom from the time they were a teen.

…Realizing everyone has a different experience. Just gathering up material.

This is a good video by one of our members that might help you:

One could argue there is no such thing as ‘officially furry’. The debate has been held countless times in countless boards one what makes a furry a furry, and the times it didn’t explode into nonsensical idiocy, it has usually boiled down to one answer: Self Identity.

I’ve come across folks who think it’s enough to have a mild interest in the pretty pictures on-again-off-again for any length of time to be considered a furry, while others thought all you needed was a fursona to rp with, while others believed such a thing cannot be unless you costume, while others claimed you were not officially a furry unless you went to at least a few major furry conventions a year and had a fursona to boot that you had either commissioned artwork or stories for, but at least artwork if nothing else.

I’ve considered myself an official member of the community since way back in 2002, when I first came across a board that was specifically for para-and-page-post rp’s. Yet I never got a commission of any of my characters until around 2008, and never went to a convention until 2013, and still have never costumed beyond a pair of ears. I’ve considered myself ‘officially furry’ since I was a wee kitten dreaming up stories of talking cats that walked on two legs and were coming back to earth after having left it during the times of Atlantis.

So I guess what I’m saying is, be mindful how you use that term. I’m usually meh about it, but I’ve known many, many furs in my time that feel very passionate over what an ‘official furry’ really is.

Awesome, thank you for this!